*Photo credit to Janice (Kitty).                                            More photos to come! 

                                                                         *Photo credit to Janice (Kitty).

                                           More photos to come! 


It all started when...

We would go out on dates and only wanting to dream about our future. We knew we wanted to be able to provide clients with amazing food in their homes or for their events, but something felt left out. We didn't feel like it was enough. We found ourselves consistently talking about bringing our food to a bigger audience. Our favorite part about our job was seeing people reactions to a creation we had made. It was obsessively satisfying. 

We made ourselves a goal when we started getting more into the business: In 10 years we would get a mobile kitchen unit that we could take anywhere and make our food, whatever food, with our standard of quality. 

It is only 5 years later, and here we are. We have achieved this part of our dream in half the time of the goal we set. And we couldn't be more excited. 

With this mobile kitchen, we can go anywhere that the city/state allows us. (We want to travel out of state too!) We specialize in what we call "upscale street food". We have the classics, but with our versions. Some menu favorites are:
+Stone fired pizza's *with artisan pizza dough, real mozzarella cheese and The Chef's secret marinara sauce*
+Michigan poutine *we are inspired from our Canadian neighbors, but we make ours with a onion based gravy-- making it completely vegetarian-- shredded cheese-- instead of cheese curds, so theres cheese in every bite--, and a garlic aioli... just cause is veggie based shouldn't scare you away. You HAVE to try it*
+Edible Cookie Dough *Just like your mother always said you couldn't eat, well, now you can eat your heart out and not worry about those weird diseases (that no one ever seemed to get, but we're playing it safe anyways)* 
+Organic Beef Sliders with prosciutto *The Chef has this crazy good recipe for burger meat, and we've paired it up with delicious toppings that we rotate through*
+Vegan Mac & "Cheese" *Oh yes. You read that right. And it's just as good as the other stuff. Hand to heart. 
+Pot Roast Sandwiches *This ones is part of our rotating menu, and comes out for special occasions, and it is not one to miss. My all time favorite*

*We have a rotating menu where we feature creative creations, and new recipes to keep everything new and fresh, for us and you. We're also able to change our menu for custom events! 

Don't think for a second we are done dreaming though. The next goals are already set in place.

Stay tuned.....